The Advertising Agency approach me for making the Key-visuals for a transportation Industry Company. They had the idea of forming different Mode of Transportation like Car, Boat, Moto and Truck with the Body of their Worker. To get the best out of the idea. I had to modify the idea, and work with professional Dancers instead of the workers from the Company.


Camera: Medium format, digital, with 80mm lens set on a tripod 12 meter back. Shot at 1/125, f11, ISO100

Lighting: The key light is a Broncolor Para 222 placed left of the camera. Fore more heads to get the highlights on the models and to get a nice contrast in the picture.

lighting skizze

We did the shoot in a big hall recent used fore dancing. To separate the subject from the background, it was important to have enough space between the subject and the background. A difficulty is that the dancer are not abel to hold the position for a long time. So its important to know exactly how to instruct the dancers and how the final form should look like.


Final images

We did some color and contrast also fixing in some parts the clothes and skin tones. The final image is used in annual report and different Advertising Materials. It help the Company to have a strong visual impression. They get very good response, and the clients like the unique style.